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Sheffield Furniture Outlet

Sheffield Furniture Outlet

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Blue Ziegler

  • Location: Malvern, PA Showroom
  • Product Code: XBOKR-568652/8X10
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The name Ziegler wasn’t taken from a city or a tribe like other Persian rugs; rather, it is the name of a particular design pattern and style of weaving. They are sometimes referred to as Peshawar rugs due to their similar traits. Ziegler and Co. is the name of a German company based in England that recruited master weavers during the late 18th century. Their recruitment was commission a softer and subtle form of rugs than the normal Persian rugs. This particular fusion created the original Ziegler rugs, which likewise became a hot commodity among the international market upon their birth. Since the Western market had such a deep hand in the Ziegler's manifestation, the overall process had an extremely positive impact on the Persian and Oriental rug exportation industry.These rugs are mainly made of wool with a cotton foundation. On occasion, silk is utilized to give them a further extravagant form. Local imported wool is used in Ziegler rugs to provide an even higher quality that supplies a sleek and smooth finishing. 

8 x 10