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Sheffield Furniture Outlet

Sheffield Furniture Outlet

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Hand Knotted Khotan

  • Location: Furniture Outlet Phoenixville, PA
  • Product Code: 115-19
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Khotan rugs are embedded with a history both mysterious and enchanting. Originating along the proliferating trade route The Silk Road, Khotan rugs draw many elements from Chinese and Asian designs. What makes them so appealing is their versatility: they could easily function in both contemporary and traditional interiors alike.

The city of Khotan (present day Xinjiang, China) was located in Eastern Turkestan on the Silk Road, which was used by merchants and traders from China to Western Europe. Turkestan existed at the fulcrum point where The Silk Road branched out to the south to India, to the north to central Asia, and to the west to Persia, Anatolia and Europe. It’s on the southern edge of the Tarim Basin, which is a vast desert area known to be a main center for trading along the Silk Road.

8’3 x 9’10