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Hand Knotted Kazak

  • Location: Rockville, MD Showroom
  • Product Code: 316-19
  • Availability: SOLD
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The Kazak are also known as Quazak or Ghazak in some regions. These rugs were originally created during the 18th century in the city of Caucus, Azerbaijan. Kazak rugs were not woven by any singular tribe—instead, their origin is steeped in a blend of all regions across the area. If a singular culture had to be tied to the Kazak, it would be Armenian. The women of these areas are responsible for the establishment of the Kazak. The Kazak are likewise famous in their region for their widespread influences that have inherently influenced their designs.

The rugs are still made by the people of Hazara located in Pakistan, who regularly practice hand knotted works. Even after all the time passed since their first creation, modern day Kazak weavers still incorporate the teachings and designs of their ancestors.

4’3 x 6’1